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KINDY In-Flight Luxuries

Classrooms are furnished with comfortable and child-friendly furniture, a riot of colours and themes will run from the ceiling to the floor of each classroom, along with Bright visuals and display boards.

The KNOWLEDGE LOUNGE , which houses an array of colourful books, mind-bogglers, games and child friendly computers is designed to initiate curiosities amongst our little PILOTS to explore the unchartered skies.

Kindy allows the PILOTS to make use of the ample open space as runways to take off. This area is meant for the babies to play or run around freely.

The Structured play area is specifically designed to allow children to run up the jungle gym and the climbing wall, down the slides and crawl through the tunnels. Go on the merry-go-round and swing away to glory. Trampoline with a safety net will ensure that the babies tumble, toss and squeal with glee.

Babies get to soil their hands by spending time at the vegetable patch and the flower garden too.

The Indoor Play lounge is covered with a safety rubber flooring and houses playpen, swings, ride-ons, mini-basketball hoops, soft and padded obstacle course, etc

A splash pool is available for our PILTOS to cool off on those hot and humid days.

Come and explore the other amenities like dance room, resource room etc..

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